I was tagged by iamdaschmidt so here are the first 20 songs from my media player on shuffle.
1. Disasterpiece by Slipknot
2. Vermosapien by Abiotic
3. Release by Rosetta
4. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Wolves in the Throne Room
5. Unholy Sermons by Thy Art is Murder
6. The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution by Infant Annihilator
7. Ov Fire and the Void by Behemoth
8. Cosmogenesis by Obscura
9. Harvest by Opeth
10. Secular Haze by Ghost
11. No Request for the Corrupted by Beyond Creation
12. Skulls by The Misfits
13. Son of the Morning by Death Angel
14. Be All, End All by Anthrax
15. Antichristian Phenomenon by Behemoth
16. I Am Death (Hell Has Arrived) Skeletonwitch
17. Captive Bolt Pistol by Carcass
18. Ghastly by Broken Hope
19. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation by Viraemia
20. Stone the Crow by Down

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